Caretaking and Cleaning


The TMO works to the Local Environmental Quality(LEQ) Standards that have been identified in the booklet entitled “Pictorial Guide of Cleaning and Grounds Maintenance” The TMO will conduct a monthly inspection to be carried out by a staff members along with any Board member or Resident who has requested or been invited to attend the inspection. Records will be kept in the TMO Office for inspection.

Listed below are the frequencies that we expect to maintain and improve our current standards. However we work primarily to a quality standard which means that some jobs although scheduled may need attention more frequently in some weeks or no attention at all. The TMO will try to manage its resources to get maximum value for residents.

DAILY(Mon to Fri)

picture of a cleaner

• Lifts cleaned at least once daily including weekends

• Entrance foyer floors washed

• Ground floors,doors,intercom and glass partitions cleaned

• Chutes and bin sheds checked daily

• All rubbish and safety hazards in buildings removed

• Bulk items left without a Brent Collection Number reported to the office to organise removal

• Litter picking across the estate including the garage and parking areas

• All lights checked and bulbs changed within 24 hours

• Check roof access is secure and all locks are in place

• Paint over offensive graffiti within 24 hours


• Staff will attend each day to carry out basic cleaning ,caretaking and safety checks


• Floors washed and free from marks

• Stairs washed

• Paintwork spot cleaned to remove marks

• Dust and wipe down all banister rails and skirting boards

• Bin Sheds washed and disinfected weekly.

• Check intake rooms and pram sheds and remove any rubbish


• Jet wash all bin areas or more frequently if needed

• Nominated staff member to check all roof areas and report to the TMO Office


• Wash windows inside and out (a contractor will be used for most windows)


If you have a complaint about any of the services offered by the TMO or the way you have been treated you can complain by Contacting the office to inform us of your complaint which we will try to resolve to your satisfaction. This is known as an “informal complaint”. Most complaints are resolved in this way.

If you are still dissatisfied you can complete an official complaints form which is available from the office.