Repairs to Your Home- the TMOs Responsibilities

As your landlord, Brent Council is legally obliged to carry out some types of repairs to your home. The TMO has been delegated responsibility for organising most of these repairs to your home and the structure of the buildings.Estate Services link

To make this happen, the TMO works closely with Brent Council and their contractors. The TMO also employs it's own member of staff, to carry out most day to day repairs. You can arrange for a Repairs Appointment by contacting the TMO Office. Often the repair will be carried out within a day depending on the type of repair and how urgent it is. If you are a Leaseholder you are responsible for your own internal repairs and maintenance.

The TMO has 5 Priority Codes which determine how long it is likely to take before the repair is carried out:

PRIORITY CODE and Timescale for Completion EXAMPLES

Emergency Repairs Priority 0- out of hours emergency.

That threaten the well being of residents and cause damage to the building

Call: 020 8937 1234

Gas Leaks

Total loss of Electric

Total loss of Heating (winter)

Burst Pipes

Emergency Repairs Priority 1- as above but reported to TMO Office during working hours Within 4 hours

As above

Urgent Repairs Priority 2- Attended by appointment within 2 working days

Blocked Pipes and Basins


Electrical Faults

Partial loss of Heating

Most Gas Repairs

Routine Repairs Priority 3- repairs which do not interfere with safety Attended by appointment and completed within 21 days

Plaster Work

Repairs to Doors and Windows

Repairs to Toilet and Kitchen fittings

Special Repairs Priority 4- No set timescale. Where the TMO has agreed to carry out discretionary and non urgent work

Usually related to elderly and vulnerable residents who can not afford or are not able to carry out repairs that are the residents responsibility and the TMO Board or Manager have agreed to carry out

In partnership with Brent Council, the TMO also look after repairs to the following:

• Lift Breakdowns

• Heating and Hot Water

• Roof, Drains and the fabric of the buildings

• The Communal TV and Cable Network

• Entry Doors

• Pathways and Roads

• Estate Signs

• Ventilation Systems

Heating and Hot water

The Heating and Hot Water supplied, to properties 1 to 135 Watling Gardens, is provided by a single Communal Boiler. Brent Council's Contractors are responsibile of the maintenace of the boiler and the supply system. The TMO office will liaise with Brent Council, for the arrangement of any repair needed to the system.

Currently, the cost of the Heating and Hot Water supply to your home, is included in your Rent or Leaseholder charges .