Watling Gardens – Spring bulbs/plants – What we have planted?

We have planted hundreds of bulbs and plug plants in and amongst the four new flower beds, as well as creating an area called, ‘The woodland edge’ which can be seen to right of the pedestrian entrance to the gardens.

These plants will not only provide colour in the Spring from March/May – whilst our herbaceous perennial plants are resting for the Winter – but will provide early and much needed pollen.

flower picture flower picture

The majority of these plants are native wildflowers, but we have added in some tulips for bright April colour!

Watch out in the pink bed (bed 1 near the driver’s entrance) for dwarf pink and white anemones and daffodils with a pale pink centre; in bed 2 – the purple bed, we have included shade lovers like snowdrops and white anemones which will appear in March, followed by muscari in April. Moving on to bed 3 – our orange bed, you can expect a March showing of the very beneficial lesser celandine and winter aconite, followed by cowslips. Watch the wallflowers bloom in bed 4 – our white/green bed for dwarf irises, double snowdrops and a scattering of white anemones.

flower picture flower picture

Finally in our woodland edge bed, we have planted red campion, greater stitchwort and bluebells – a great combo which should provide an incredibly beneficial selection of pink, white and purple flowers from April on. As these plants are natives, they may be shy about flowering the first year! Also in this bed, watch out for ramsons – wild garlic, the leaves are delicious when chopped up and served in a stir fry or pesto sauce!

Whilst on the subject of herbs – in bed 4 round the back, we have planted many herbs for you to pick. A great selection of rosemary, thyme and mint awaits, not forgetting to mention the ayervedic herbs we have planted like ashwaganda.

flower picture flower picture

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