What is a TMO ? (Tenant Management Organisation)

A TMO is a way council or housing association tenants and leaseholders can collectively take on responsibility for managing the homes they live in. In 1975 the Housing Rents and Subsidies Act allowed local authorities to hand over management of estates to TMOs.

A TMO is an independent legal body run by local residents. Once set up the TMO can then enter into a contract with the landlord. This is known as the Modular Management Agreement (MMA). A MMA was signed between Brent Council and Watling Gardens TMO in 2002.

Tenants remain tenants of Brent Council and The Freeholder of the properties remains Brent Council.

Watling Gardens TMO includes all the properties 1 to 137 Watling Gardens and the properties 1 to 30 Claire Court. About 140 of these properties are let as tenancies and the remainder have been bought by tenants who have now become Leaseholders.

The TMO operates according to agreed Rules (called a Constitution).The TMO is governed by an elected Board made up of residents. The Board can also appoint co-opted members, who although may not be residents, have skills the Board need to run the TMO well. Meetings are held regularly throughout the year, usually each month.

Meetings are minuted and will be posted on the Archived TMO Minutes page.

Board meetings are open to any TMO resident but only elected members are allowed to vote.

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